Frequently Asked Questions

The office of the Center is located at 3821 Broadway Boulevard, Garland, TX 75043 in Dallas County, Texas.
There will be only one type of paid life membership and it shall be ?Life members?. Life membership shall be open to all persons affirming to the mission and purpose of the Center and who meets all of the criteria as below: 1. Your origin or parents or grandparents origin is from India, who is above the age of 18 and who possess a good moral character and is of sound mind. 2. You agree to pay a fee of US $1,000.00 as one payment or in installment payments within the fiscal year of admittance to the life membership as a life member. 3. Center life membership is transferable to any one who is eligible to become a life member namely spouse, children and their spouses or grand children of the member of the Center as per Section (1). 4. A life member is eligible for one vote based on the payment of $1,000 as the fee for life membership. If any member who wishes to make additional payments in multiplies of $1,000 is eligible for one vote for each such multiples of US $1,000.00 provided the entire payment is made during a fiscal year as in section (2). 5. Each person who wishes to become a member of the Center must file the application in the prescribed form and the same should be approved by the Board of Directors. 6. Each life members shall be issued with a Life membership certificate in the format approved by the Board of Directors with the seal and signature of the Center. 7. Each member who paid the multiplies of $1,000 should be paid such receipts in the format approved by the Board of Directors with the seal and signature of the Center. 8. The Board of Directors have the authority to terminate the life membership of any person, if found not eligible under the provisions above. In such a case, the life membership fee and if any multiplies paid by such member shall not be returned to such member. 9. Once a person becomes a member of the Center, such member is also free to voluntarily withdraw the life membership, but not eligible to return of the life membership fee or its multipliers if any paid.
The Board of Directors of the Center shall have the authority to make any change in the life membership fee.
To be a member of KAD, complete and send the membership application form (found on the website itself), along with a check of $25/- payable to Kerala Association of Dallas to the address: 3821 Broadway Blvd, Garland, TX 75043. You can also Include also your email ID to receive up-to-date news and event reminders from ICEC and Kerala Association.
Our membership term is from January to December each year and the cost is ONLY $25/-.