Journalist John Brittas

Visited Dallas on Nov 22, 2015

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are conducted by Dr. Padmakar Kulkarni, Ph.D. Every Sunday from 4-5pm starting on July,26 2015 at ICEC.

Summer Camp

This years summer camp was a 5 day program for kids and helped them in their personality and leadership development.

Spelling Bee & Speech Competition

This competition was held for Grades 1 to Grades 12, They were organized in different groups and each group had a topic to work on.

Minister for Health, Family Welfare and Devaswoms

Our Minister for Health, V.S.Sivakumar visited us and ICEC organized a reception for him on October,4 2015.

Health Seminar

This years health seminar was held for the senior and was about Blood and its disorders.



Musical Night

The musical night and the Inauguration of the new sound system was held on October, 3 2015.

Childrens Art Competition

Pencil drawing and water coloring for all ages. This was held on October, 31 2015.